The Perfect Indian Ethnic shoes you can't afford to miss.

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The Perfect Indian Ethnic shoes you can't afford to miss.

Among all the footwear, Punjabi jutti is one of the popular footwear among the people of north India and its neighbouring territories. Punjabi Jutti is basically craved out from leather, addition of embroidery works makes it look gorgeous which you can’t afford to miss. Punjabi jutti generally comes up with a sharp pointy with extended tip that curves upward and creates an illusion of a moustache. Punjabi jutti are very popular among the people of Punjab.

Organic Punjabi jutti:  


One of the most commonly used Punjabi Jutti is Organic Punjabi Jutti. It fits almost every outfit and makes you look special. Basic construction of Organic Punjabi Jutti is same as Punjabi jutti but the only difference is not having that tradition moustache at the tip.


Mirror Work Punjabi Jutti:


As the name of suggests these type of Punjabi jutti comes with attachments of small mirror pieces at the place of embroidery. More number of mirror pieces on jutti adds more charms to the feet. It looks great on Patiala salwar outfit.

Knotty Rose Tales Punjabi Jutti:


Knotty Punjabi jutti has a lot of dewiness flavour on it. Attachment of handmade rose design made from silk threads makes it look way better than others. Knotty Punjabi juti are ideal footwear for festival.

Spring Punjabi Jutti:


A design like spring is attached on top of this type of jutti. Apart from the springs made out of silk, some ornaments are also attached on spring Punjabi jutti which adds beauty to the look of person.

Ghungroo Punjabi Jutti:


As the name suggest this type of jutti comes with ghungroo attached on it. While walking the sound of ghungroo produces a sweet sound like chan chan chann. Generally ghungroo jutti fits with every type of outfits ranging from casual to formal.


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