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Heels are the only measure for each fashion forward woman’s supporter and a wardrobe essential. All it takes is one pretty combine to completely remodel your entire look. However, they need conjointly been given some dangerous rep with some absurd myths and misconceptions floating around regarding them. So, we'll break down those delusion today:

  1. Heels are just for short girls:

 This has to be one amongst the silliest reasons for not carrying high heels. You see girls of all shapes and sizes carrying them. All those supermodels you see flaunting on the runway are not any but 5’9-5’11 tall. The only people who claim this story to be true are the people who are shaky regarding their own height. Besides, you don’t have to be compelled to wear 6-inch heels whenever. In fact, you're able to wear1-3-inch heels and still rock that look. Heels don't seem to be restricted to petite girls’ tall girls will get pleasure from them too.

  1. I will slip and fall :

 No, you won’t, thus let’s get that out of the means. Like something, there's a way of carrying fashion and heels are not different. Folks may slip and fall whereas carrying sneakers, it’s only the heels that were criticized though. You only have to carry them properly and regulate your walk consequently. Once you have gotten the suspend of it, you’ll be in assumption that you have got been carrying them for ages.

  1. They'll cause health issues:

 The most important thought regarding heels is that they'll cause your foreleg to become bigger, you may get unhealthy veins and your knees are affected. Again, people that don’t wear heels still get these issues however the beautiful heels get the short finish of the stick during this regard. The important reason for these issues is weight gain, rheumatic disease or alternative health problems.

  1. They appear smart on girls with attractive legs/slim girls:

 If something, heels create legs look attractive within the initial place, in spite of their form and size. Girls of sorts every kind of body type are rocking in heels thus you don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding being a precise weight. This era is all regarding body positivism thus don’t let anybody tell you that heels don't seem to be your issue simply because you're and sized.


  1. I can’t wear them past fifty:

 Another thought that we'll cheerfully throw out the window is that the “I’m too recent to wear heels” belief that several women/girls have. We tend to do believe that one is often too young to wear them. However, once you're older, there's no ordinance for you to feeling fashionable and stylish.

  1. NOT WEAR HIGH HEELS during pregnancy!:

High heels don't have an effect on the method of physiological condition however they increase the likelihood of falling down that is that the actual threat for the unhatched kid. Particularly falling on the belly will cause serious injuries for mother and kid. But if a woman is confident about herself then she definitely can flaunt in heels.

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