How to style High Heels this Summer

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How to style High Heels this Summer - DECH BARROUCI

High heels translate to urban and chic and they come in variations that complement any look that you want to adorn! 
Summers are the best time to flaunt every look, from flowy dresses to patterned shorts. Let's make the most of this season and take a look at some of the most trendy and versatile ways to fashion high heel sandals with your vibrant summer styles.  
Hot this season! Pumps with jeans. 
Fashion is always about creating a unique blend of formal and casual elements. This style statement does just that! Pick your favorite pair of jeans and mix it up with a pop of colored pump shoes or the more classic black heels.  You can try to match your pump shoes with your bag to give it  a more blended look or just go all out with color blocking! 
Ramp up your dull office wear. 
Isn't going to office a tad bit tougher in the Summer with the heat beating down on you? We understand. But a little splash of color here and there can make a dull day bright. Here, pumps come to your rescue! Beat the summer blues by looking forward to styling yourself for the day in a pair of pump shoes or high heeled stilettos that exude confidence and make you feel like you can take on the day.
Look fresh and at your best this summer!
Sundresses are our favorite thing to wear in the summer. They are light and leave room for air, and at the same time they can be styled with a variety of high heel sandals. You can try on wedge high heels, pump shoes or stilettos with your summer dress to give it an elevated look and add a chic element to make a style statement that is vibrant and modern.
So what are you waiting for? Beat the heat with these fresh summer looks and stay tuned for more such curated styling tips! 

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