Comfort vs Style- 3 high heel sandals that are a mix of both

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Comfort vs Style- 3 high heel sandals that are a mix of both - DECH BARROUCI

It is the most heated debate of the fashion world. When there is a compromise between comfort and style, what do you pick? 
The more bold of us would say style, always without fail. But, for those of us with a weak heart (and feet) comfort takes precedence. 
Our question is, why not have both? Shoes form such an integral part of our daily lives. Don't we deserve the best? Don't worry ladies; we are here to settle this debate for once and all by bringing you three high-heel sandal styles that are both highly fashionable and easy on your feet. Let's dig in! 
Wedge heels come to the rescue!
Wedge heels, platform heels or popularly known in the fashion lingo as wedges are the it thing for fashion in 2019. Do your feet hurt because only one part of your foot takes the weight of your entire body in high heel sandals? Wedges solve the problem by distributing your body weight all over your foot; giving you comfort. If you are a high functioning individual who is on the move constantly, try wedge high heel sandals which are as fashionable and chic as other options to get the best of both worlds! 
Uhm but, I want something a little more classy. 
We know that you want to turn heads with your heels at parties, birthdays and Sunday brunches without killing your feet. Hence, the next on our list is low heeled pumps or kitten heels. Kitten heels are a modern classic fashion statement suited for corporate lunches to evening soirees with your date. Unlike, high heel sandals these provide the comfort of block heels along with the elegance of heeled sandals. Having a pair of these in your wardrobe is guaranteed to make your life easier!
A little comfort goes a long way in fashion.
Remember that you are in it for the long haul. To make sure that you look and feel your best the whole day, it's important that you buy a shoe that is a good fit for your feet (and your inner diva). High heel sandals come in several options that go easy on your feel while retaining the jazzy and bold look of high heels. Go for classic block high heel sandals, if you want to make an undeniable style statement with pump shoes. A pair of black heels that are a good fit for your feet will be your best friends forever. 
Now, it's time for you to go out and get the world. But, don't forget to ramp your wardrobe for maximum comfort before you go! 

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